Workers’ Compensation Cases

Workers’ compensation cases require the assistance of skilled practitioners, who can deliver effective and goal-oriented services. Learn more about the comprehensive vocational rehabilitation and case management programs offered by MalcolmDubato.

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Vocational Expert Opinions

Determining the extent of economic damages as it relates to employment capacity, wage loss, and loss of earning capacity is a complex process necessitating in-depth analysis and research. Learn more about how MalcolmDubato is your best choice in Vocational Experts.

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Life Care Planning

Catastrophic injuries and chronic illnesses often require lifelong medical treatment and services. Learn more about how MalcolmDubato can bring clarity to the needs and costs associated with these complex cases.

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MalcolmDubato performs Labor Market Surveys

Labor Market Surveys

Labor market conditions are often changing, so when there is a question about someone’s employment and/or earning capacity, our labor market survey process can provide invaluable insights. Learn more about our detailed approach to labor market surveys.

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Career Counseling

Whether entering the labor market for the first time or making a major career transition, job seekers frequently find themselves asking, “Where do I even start?” Learn more about how MalcolmDubato can help you realize your career goals.

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MalcolmDubato offers a variety of Mental Health Counseling services

Mental Health Counseling

When personal circumstances require the attention of a skilled professional, MalcolmDubato is there to offer supportive mental health counseling. Learn more about how MalcolmDubato can assist on your path to overcoming life’s challenges.

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