Labor Market Surveys

When it seems unclear whether an injured worker is capable of returning to work as a result of his or her disabling condition, a detailed Labor Market Survey is a beneficial resource to all parties.  This comprehensive analysis of the labor market conditions in a specified geographic area will offer invaluable insight in establishing the feasibility and availability of alternate employment opportunities. We then apply our expertise in the field of vocational rehabilitation to establish whether or not the subject injured worker possesses any residual employment capacity.

MalcolmDubato performs Labor Market Surveys

In order to develop a comprehensive Labor Market Survey, we complete a vocational interview and/or collect data about the injured worker to identify crucial factors, such as the following:

  • Current functional capabilities based upon established medical opinions
  • Educational background and training
  • Employment history
  • Earnings history
  • Residual transferrable skills
  • Vocational interests
  • Geographic area of residence and/or reasonable employment commute range
  • Psychosocial profile
  • Potential barriers to employment both related and unrelated to the subject incident

In addition to conducting a general overview of employment data in the injured worker’s area of residence, if indicated, we will also utilize our expansive knowledge of job search resources to identify specific positions for which the individual would be qualified by education, experience, and physical capacity. 

Do not leave your case to chance.  Before you head to court, make sure you have a clear understanding of an injured worker’s employment capacity.

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